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Khazana Lottery Token

Khazana Lottery Token is a BEP20 Lottery token with some of the highest payouts of any lottery token minted. Khazana was developed with the main focus on growth and development into the uncharted territories of the crypto space while also providing liquidity for our major project, Project layer, and giving investors the chance to get into the ground floor of a project that will bring significant value to their crypto assets. We are a project that is formed on the idea that software should be helping everyone win, not just those with the highest wallet, or the developers themselves. We all have a stake in making Khazana and Project Layer go to the moon and beyond, no matter how overused the phrase is. Khazana was designed as a lottery for the primary purpose of adding value. We have one of the highest Minted lottery tokens on Binance Smart Chain, with a 9% Lottery that nearly anyone can win. In addition to a 5% Tokenomics Structure, you can gain up to 14% on every transaction. On a 1 Trillion Sell, that's 140 Billion tokens, which can lead to a lot of gains. Our primary focus is also to help fix some of the long standing issues in the crypto space. Many people love investing into SmartChain tokens but take issue with the amount of loss during sales. Project Layer will resolve this issue and many more for a lot of tokens across all chains. We hope to bridge together everyone on our way to building a successful and powerful ecosystem.