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To be able to add new listings and to be able to moon (upvote), you must hold ECP tokens in your metamask wallet.

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CryptoMoonShot - By Eclipse
About us

This page is intended to help you identify Moonshots on Binance Smart Chain early. We have integrated various functions to try to create as transparent and honest a platform as possible.

To handle spam, bots and manipulated votes each voter needs to hold Eclipse Tokens in their wallets. If you do not have Eclipse tokens, you will not be able to vote or post listings.

Each Token that is posted is reviewed by our system where the system identifies, among other things;

- Locking length of Liquidity Pool
- Audits by verified auditors
- Size of Dev-wallets and dev-linked wallet (risk of rugpulls)
- Low Marketcap

The platform is one of many platforms developed by the Eclipse Token Team. To read more about Eclipse go to